What Exactly are Bail Bonds?

Every state has a bail bond system that allows a person awaiting trial to stay out of jail until they go to court. There are different types of bail bonds depending on the state you hail from. The basics of bail bonds remain the same across the board.

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Learning how bail bonds work will enable you to acquire freedom for someone else or yourself.

Bail refers to collateral or money you use to persuade a judge to set the defendant free until they are required to show up for trial. Once the bail has been posted, you must ensure you turn up for court proceedings, or you will be re-arrested. As a defendant, you have to adhere to the set terms and conditions or suffer the consequences of your failure.

A bail bond is a promise by the defendant to post surety. The defendant has to forfeit the bail money if they do not return. The surety can be a friend, family or a professional agent. The bail ensures the defendant is not kept in custody but has a mandate to show up for trial. The amount set as bail needs to be high enough so that the defendant does not forfeit it and disappears. Even though the amount is normally preset, the judge can deviate from the set amounts for various reasons. This happens especially in the case of campaign violation or a kidnapping.


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